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ZIMM ZE Series

ZE Series Screw Jack (ZE-5-R)
ZE Series Screw Jack (ZE-5-R)

ZE Series Screw Jack (ZE-5-S)
ZE Series Screw Jack (ZE-5-S)


Ingenius and cost-effective design. Hinged bearing holes are directly integrated into the gearbox. Integrated pivoting eyes.

ZIMM ZE Screw Jack

Characteristics of ZE series include high performance and duty cycle. Flexibility in combination with design and efficiency are the characteristic features of these transmissions.

  • High loading capacity of mounting brackets
  • High quality corrosion protection due to the homogeneous surface
  • Compatibility with existing constructions
  • Improved heat dissipation through increased amount of lubricant
  • Available in 8 sizes| 5kn – 200kn

Trapezoidal  or Ball Screw spindles are possible.


ZE-Evolution | Mobile application

Touch the future – with ZE evolution application, the boundaries between the real and the virtual world disappear. Whether a buyer or an engineer – get inspired by 3D presentation of a hoist gear of ZE series, while taking into account various designs, including appropriate add-on parts. You can decide for yourself where to go!

Download for Apple iOS or Android free.

Your advantages

  • 2 modes of operation
  • augmented reality mode | viewing the products in a real environment through physical movements of the device used
  • virtual reality mode | viewing the products in a constructed environment through finger gestures
  • complete functionality of the software available in offline mode

In a few steps to the goal

  1. Download the free ZE Evolution application from the App Store or Google Play. The app is available for all iOS devices from version 9.0 (iPhone/iPad) and devices with Android from version 6.0 Marshmallow.
  2. The start screen allows you to choose between 3D & AR view modes. To display the contents in a real environment (AR), please scan the front page of the current catalogue with your mobile device. For this purpose, hold it in a distance of 20-30cm above the cover and move it slightly. A ZE series hoist gear with appropriate additional information is being loaded now and is waiting to be discovered by you.


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