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Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Type BG

1:1 to 5:1
Single, double, multi shafts
Speed increaser type
Reversing type
Some sizes stocked

BG12 BG19 BG24 BG32 BG38 BG42 BG55 BG75

These spiral bevel gearboxes incorporate the most modern advances in bevel gearbox design and construction.
These gearboxes offer an extensive range of ratios together with an excellent power to size relationship as well as low noise levels even at high speed operation.

•  Modern cuboid design with all external faces machined with threaded fixing positions.
•  Housing is cast iron
•  Alloy steel spiral bevel gears are cut on the Gleason system, case hardened, tempered and lapped to the exact mounting position.
•  All shafts are hardened and tempered steel with all surfaces ground and supplied with a threaded end and keyway.

Please download the "How to Select..." PDF to see the full range and to help you make the right selection for your application. This PDF also contains Installation & Maintenance information.  Then download the specification data PDF data sheets for the type that best suits.
Please contact if you require assistance with selection.

The additional PDF downloads contain specific dimensional data for each type.

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