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Spider "Spidex" Couplings

Elastic "spider" absorbs brief intermittent torsional shock helping to prevent machinery breakdown.  Many sizes from stock.


Elastic coupling designed to reduce intermittent short period torsional shocks by briefly storing elastically part of this shock energy.
Maximum torque for largest Spider Coupling: 48/60:
    620 Nm - Tk - max. short time only - if exeeded may break
    310 Nm - Tkn - Continuous running in one direction
    61 Nm - Alt. Tkw - Alternating, for motors that run in both directions

Material Aluminium diecast hubs
Spider -Polyurethane
Standard colour - Yellow or White  92º shore hardness - ideal for nomal drives
Optional: Blue -  80º shore hardness - Normal drives and also resonance speed possibility
              Red - 95º/98º shore hardness - Normal drives with high performance
              Green - 64º shore hardness - Special - High performance with small torsional angle

For full specifications please download PDF

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