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SBD Sealed Belt Driven Unit

Available in standard and clean room configurations.
Sealing by stainless steel band.


Sealed Belt Driven units are available in the standard or clean room option and come in three different sizes.  Sealing is provided by a very effective stainless steel band running along the length of the beam and kept in contact by a magnetic strip.  This arrangement will prevent the ingress of dirt and debris.

The clean room version has a slightly modified sealing arrangement and with pre tapped vacuum connection holes and is certified to ENISO1466-1.  In order to cope with the extra high duty expected of these units, generously sized polyrethane steel reinforced belts are used in both sizes.  Servo and AC motors can be easily fitted using the range of coupling methods on offer, making the SBD an easy product to incorporate into your machine design requirements.

•  Three sizes, compact in constructions SBD15-60, SBD20-80 and SBD30-100. 60, 80 and 100 relate to the width of the beam.
•  Linear guide and belt are housed in a high strength aluminium beam fitted with a flush metal cover strip.
•  Metal cover strip runs the entire length of the beam and prevents the ingress of dirt and debris into the system.
•  Belt tensioning is set a manufacture but should adjustments be required it is a quick and simple process through tensioning screws externally located at the idle end box.
•  Drive End box is available with either an output shaft, or a bored drive pulley where greater mounting compactness is required.
•  The mounting carriage plate is removable or customising and incorporates an internal switch cam, which can be mounted for left or right hand switching.
•  Clean room versions are certified by the Fraunhofer Inst. for clean room compatibility.
•  Caged and silent range combines both higher loads with quiet and smooth movement.
•  Uses Caged and Silent type re-circulating linear ball guides.

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