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More Port Hose Reels

WINKEL Application Example
WINKEL Application Example


Hose Reel for Rescue Systems. Hose Reel for Welding Gas.

Rescue Systems


WINKEL Hose Reel for Rescue Systems

Series WRT 1 / WRT 2

  • for one or two twin hoses
  • for manual winding
  • for hose length up to 50 m
  • compact design including handhold and base
Technical Information Hose Reel 
Max. working pressure reel  700 bar
Max. hose diameter inside Ø 1/4"(Ø 6,5 mm)



WINKEL Hose Reel for Welding Gas

Series 9200

  • with double hose for oxigen and acetylene
  • for hose length up to 30 m
  • with locking system for safe use
  • optional swivel bracket



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