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Industrial Series

Industrial Series Conveyors

IS125, IS125-FT, IS175-ID, IS300, IS400

QC Conveyors’ Industrial Series conveyors provide a wide range of solutions for any application including indexing, plastic chain, embedded drive, and heavy load carrying capacities. These conveyors have been designed for rugged and demanding environments.




IS125 IS175-ID InnerDrive IS125-FT Flextrac
125 Conveyor InnerDrive Conveyor Flextrac Conveyor
Versatile conveyor built on a rigid steel frame. Ideal for tough, industrial applications and heavier loads. An internal 24v DC motor allows these conveyors to fit almost anywhere Plastic chain allows for heavier loads, higher speeds, and longer conveyors, while maintaining the versatility and reliability of our 125 Conveyors.
IS300 IS400
300 Series Conveyor 400 Series Conveyor
300 Series conveyors are made for precision indexing to +/-.15" and can be fixed with custom moulded cleats 400 Series conveyors are the longest, widest and strongest of our conveyors




Rigid Steel Frame


Low 1.89" profile fits tight spaces 


The laser-cut 10-gauge steel single-body frame construction provides exceptional frame integrity, even in harsh environments. Available in powder coated (custom colors available) or stainless steel.

Rigid Steel Frame

Drive Assembly

Guarantees bearing alignment while simplifying tracking

Its straight knurl design prevents premature belt wear while creating enough friction to provide best-in-class load carrying capacity. The crowned pulley encourages proper belt tracking while thrust washers provide axial float to protect bearings against off-center load conditions.

Conveyor Drive Assembly 


?Lube-for-Life Bearings 

Precision roller bearings offer greater load capaciy and longer life

Our Lube-for-Life bearings utilize a solid lubricant that eliminates the need for bearing re-lubrication for the life of the bearing.


Lube For Life Bearings

Cleated Belting Available

Offers positive part movement for lightweight parts and incline/decline applications

Pockets created by cleats and side rails keep parts on the belt and moving in the right direction. Cleats are high frequency welded on site — never glued — increasing the strength of the bond between belt and cleat.

Cleated Coveyor Belting

Unique Snap-in Tail Assembly

Offers a best-in-class five minute belt change

The snap-in sealed tail assembly helps to facilitate fast belt changes on 125 Conveyors. It's crowned design promotes superior belt tracking and thrust washers provide axial float and protect the bearings, allowing the assembly to move with the natural camber of the belt.

Snap In Conveyor Tail


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