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Huco Oldham Couplers

Huco Oldham Lateral Displacement Coupling
Huco Oldham Lateral Displacement Coupling

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Lateral Displacement Coupler
General purpose intermittent use
Max. speed 3000 rpm
Max. peak torque 44 Nm

Huco Oldham Couplers

Robust, easy to use 3 part coupling with replaceable wear element.
Has generous radial compensation and pull-apart / re-engage facility for blind assembly.

•  Backlash free up to 108 turns
•  Tolerant of pronounced raidal misalignment
•  Flex-free mechanical action - low bearing loads
•  Mechanial fuse function
•  Replaceable wear element
•  Selectable torsional stiffness
•  Non-magnetic
•  Electrically isolating
•  Low inertia

A key feature of the Oldham concept is the exceptional, flex-free raidal misalignment capability that it provides.  As there are not restoring forces, bearing loads are low.  Its operation should not be confused with the jaw coupler which works on different principles.
Torque is transmitted through a moulded disc that 'floats' to accommodate alignment errors and functions as a 'mechanical fuse'. Under severe overload it breaks cleanly giving some protection to personnel and equipment.  Discs are easily replaced and the pull-apart design permits de-coupling without removing hubs from shafts.

Max. speed up to 3000 rpm
Max peak torque 44 Nm

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