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Hepco GV3


Vacuum & Extreme Temperature Bearings
Vacuum & Extreme Temperature Bearings

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For quality and performance to surpass all expectations.
Huge range of components for virtually every linear motion requirement.


HepcoMotion GV3 Linear Slide System

A comprehensive linear motion range designed to serve the majority of automation and linear actuator applications delivering real solutions to suit both application and budget.

Mix and match between sizes, types and precision grades to give the most suitable combination for your application.

•  Twin, double row and slimline bearings.
•  Flat tracks and track rollers for mounting compliance, saving costly alignment time.
•  All Track and guides available in 3 grades of precision.
•  Unground areas have an attractive black finish to inhibit corrosion.
•  Removable carriages are accurately set then locked into position.
•  Integrated rack drive and belt drive reduce design time.
•  Vacuum and extreme temperature bearings.
•  Floating bearings provide axial movement (float) of V guide position - especially useful where two slides are mounted in parallel.  The axial movement compensates for parallelism tolerances between the opposing V's, reducing the potential of additional loading and helping to maintain a consistent running quality.

For full specifications please download PDF

For CAD files please click here to go directly to the Hepco website, once registered there your downloads are freely available

See video for application example.

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