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Corrosion Protection & Lubrication

Optional corrosion coatings and grease lubrication system.

Corrosion Protection & Lubrication



Corrosion protection for Combined Bearings:All Winkel Combined Bearings are available with ATC-armoloy coating on request
ATC is a low temperature, multistate metal finishing process based on chrome-plating technology.  Unlike conventional chrome-plating ATC-armoloy utilizes proprietary chemical solutions and appllication processes that are carefuly monitored to produce its thin dense chromium coating which follows the exact contours of the metal with accurate deposit thickness.
Advantages of using ATC-Coating:
Resistant to corrosion - surface is inherently hard and the coated bearing surface becomes smoother
Long life - ATC coated surfaces have a lower coefficient of friction and get no oxidizing.
Chromium coating and hardness - 99% pure chromium, 72 HRC hardness

Corrosion protection for Profiles:
All Winkel steel profiles are available in a corrosion protected version.  They will be delivered completely machined and glavanised ready to mount.

Following coatings are available for profiles:
Chemical galvanised - up to 3 mtr lengths, white or yellow glavanised version
Plasma glavanising - Completely welded constructions with the profiles are available in coated version.  Plasma galvanised surfaces are superior to normal zinc coatings.  The thickness of the coatings vary from 0.1 - 0.3mm depending on whether use is land or offshore conditions.
The use of Winkel combined bearings will not crack off the coating.

Please download PDF for the Lubrication System Combi-Lub 1


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