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LoPro® Driven System

High speed & acceleration.
Long stroke length.
Belt, Chain, Lead screw, Ball Screw or un-driven systems.

LoPro® Driven System

Belt, Chain, Lead & Ball Screw actuator load Capacities (based on 100km service life)



System Size
 1    988    222    2391   538
 2S/2L   2450    551    5194  1168
 3   6668  1499  11564  2600
 4 15684  3526  19012  4274


Belt Driven Systems
Ideal for long lengths and high speeds.  Belt drive featues AT style reinforced polyurethane belting.  Belt drive systems may be mounted to either steel or aluminium support beams, and come with your choice of wiper wheel plate or basic wheel plate.  Corrosion resistant version are available, as are multiple wheel plates.

Chain Driven Systems
Chain drives are available with standard and corrosion resistant ANSI roller chain.  The chain driven LoPro is ideal for vertical hoisting and large load actuation over long lengths.  Aluminium and steel support beams may be used to mount the chain drive.  Other options include basic and wiper wheel plates, with or without multiple wheel plates.

Lead Screw Driven System
LoPro lead screws feature either BY or NYBY nut type to meet your backlash needs.  Metric and inch leads are also available in lead accuracies to 0.0006 in/in (mm/mm).  Lead screw systems can be selected with steel or aluminium support beams and with preference of basic or wiper wheel plates.

Ball Screw Actuator Options
Metric ball screw driven LoPro are accurate to 0.004 in/ft (0.1mm/300mm).  Ball screws are available in standard and corrosion resistant forms to meet environmental constraints.  Basic or wiper wheel plates may be selected, as well as steel or aluminium support beams.

Undriven LoPro Systems
LoPro is also available as a complete non-actuated system, ready for immediate installation.  As with all driven systems, un-driven LoPro systems are available with your choice of basic or wiper wheel plates, and steel or aluminium support beams.

Wheel Plate Options
There are two choices for wheel plate assemblies - wiper wheel plates and basic wheel plates.  Wiper wheel plates are available with your choice of DualVee guide wheels and provide the lowest height solution.  Basic wheel plates are the more economical choice and come with integral DualVee wheels and your choice of either lubricators or wheel covers.  Both the wiper wheel plate and the basic wheel plate are intended to run on track plate assemblies.

Motor Mount Options
This line of motor mounts is designed to fit any manufacturer's motor or gearbox.  Each motor mount is supplied as a kit, complete with shaft coupling and mounting hardware. 

LoPro DMV Series Servo Motors

DMV Series servo motors are high performance industrial servo motors with incremental encoders which can be driven by any servo drive with UVW communitation capabilities. They have high power densities ranging from 50W to 750W in compact packages from 40mm to 80mm square flange sizes. All versions are rated for use in harsh environments iwth IP67 protection. Pre-wired with 1 meter long cabel leads. Includes UVW hall effect sensors and 2000 P/R encoder for position feedback. Optional electric magnetic brake versions are available. For Catalogue PDF's click here.

Track Plate Assemblies
Track plate assemblies combine your choice of single edge DualVee track with an easy to mount aluminium base.  The aluminium base is made from high precision anodized aluminium alloy.  Track plate assemblies are easily butt-jointed to provide infinite lenghs.

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