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Couplings for Automation & Engineering Applications

T.E.A. Transmissions can supply a wide range of couplings for all your drive requirements. Let us assist in finding the right coupling solution to your linear motion application. When making a connection between a motor, shaft, gearbox or actuator there are a number of considerations in selecting the right coupling component. Is anti backlash a priority? Is there angular or axial misalignment? Would you like a built in slip / safety mechanism? Would you like the components to be electrically isolated? Contact us for the right coupling solution and we'll find the perfect balance between price and performance to achieve your goals.

Universal Joints

Universal Joints (including cardan and CV joints) can also be considered a coupling and we specialise in these items which you will find in our Universal Joints Category

Bellows Coupling
Bellows Coupling

For high end servo drives etc.
Stainless steel
Max. speed 10,000 rpm
Max. torque 150 Ncm

Helix Coupling
Helix Coupling

Aluminium Coupling for general purpose light duty
Max. speed 8000 rpm
Max. torque 120 Ncm

Stainless Steel Couplings Helix
Stainless Steel Couplings Helix

Stainless steel couplings 
For precision mechanics
Multi purpose, Backlash free
Max. speed 5000rpm
Max. torque 6Nm/10Nm



Huco Oldham Couplers
Huco Oldham Couplers

Lateral Displacement Coupler
General purpose intermittent use
Max. speed 3000 rpm
Max. peak torque 44 Nm

Huco Uni-Lat Coupler
Huco Uni-Lat Coupler

Lateral Displacement Coupling
General purpose light duty
Max. speed 3000 rpm
Max. peak torque 12 Nm

Huco Multi Beam Couplers
Huco Multi Beam Couplers

3 or 6 beam coupling
Torsionally rigid design
Zero backlash
Max. speed 5000 rpm

Double Loop Flexible Coupling
Double Loop Flexible Coupling

Polyurethane connecting element
Galvanized steel hubs
To equalize large radial, axial & angle offsets

Permanent Magnetic Coupling
Permanent Magnetic Coupling

Contact free torque transmission
No wearing parts
Ideal for: marine, labs, food, pharmaceutical
Max. speed: 42500 rpm
Max. Normal torque: 53.1 Nm
Max. Peak torque: 61.01 Nm

Spider "Spidex" Couplings

Elastic "spider" absorbs brief intermittent torsional shock helping to prevent machinery breakdown.  Many sizes from stock.

Slip Clutch
Slip Clutch

Safety for motors, transmissions & other connected equipment against overload

Bore Adaptor
Bore Adaptor

A convenient way of adapting a coupler to a variety of shaft diameters, typically at the R&D stage.

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