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Ketterer releases KuLi actuators to compete with pneumatic cylinders

Ketterer releases KuLi actuators to compete with pneumatic cylinders

Looking for an electric alternative to pneumatic actuators? The NEW KuLi short stroke actuator from Ketterer.

It is fast, compact and highly dynamic. Achieving a stroke of 40 mm with a housing length of just 67 mm, reached in less than 100 milliseconds! The standard version of the KuLi offers forces of up to 300 N.

Depending on the application the stroke speed, stroke force, stroke length and mechanical interface can be selected to match customer requirements. With an integrated controller, the actuator can be configured to customer specifications. The compact design allows flexible and simple integration into existing systems with limited space requirements.

The KuLi is also a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic cylinders. They fit perfectly where only occasional linear movements are required and complex pneumatic infrastructure can be avoided.

Considering the entire product life cycle, the electric cylinders are significantly more cost-effective. Contact T.E.A. for more information.