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Mijno High-Precision, Servo-Grade Planetary Gearheads

Mijno High-Precision, Servo-Grade Planetary Gearheads

Don't compromise, Mijno has products you can trust!

All MIJNO low backlash planetary gearboxes have been designed to provide a minimum of 20,000 hours lifetime in both directions of rotation including 20% of the lifetime in acceleration / deceleration, with the combined maximal radial and axial forces featured in our datasheet. If the gearheads are being used at less than these values, the theoretical (calculated) lifetime increases exponentially, possibly up to hundreds of thousands of hours.

One of the unique characteristics of planetary gearboxes is the low backlash that the gearboxes can be assembled with.   As little as 1 arc-min backlash. Arc-min backlash is a reticule of 60 divisions, corresponding to one degree on the circle. There is 360° in one shaft revolution; each degree is divided into 60 therefore 1 arc-min equals 1/60th of a degree. This reduction in backlash enables a machine to carry out very precise applications.  

This range of gearboxes can also be combined with a low backlash right angled box to enable transmission of rotary motion and power between 90° angle shafts with ratio’s as high as 100:1. All gearboxes are also available in a full stainless steel washdown version with IP67.  



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MRA range


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