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Grade 2 Titanium - Solid Round Rod

Grade 2 Titanium - Solid Round Rod

Titanium Grade 2 is a commercially pure alloy and represents the most widely used form of titanium. 

Titanium offers multiple benefits in various industrial applications and is used widely in the aerospace, power generation, architecture, automotive as well as medical industries.   

Key advantages of Grade 2 titanium: 
•    Stronger than most steels and around 45% lighter 
•    Excellent corrosion resistance and formability 
•    Poor conductor of heat and electricity 
•    Almost non-magnetic 
•    Weldable material: Can be hot or cold formed using standard techniques such as hydropress, power brake, stretching and drop hammer methods 
•    Grade 2 titanium is as fully resistant as platinum in seawater at temperatures up to 315ºC 
•    Suitable for marine applications such as condensers and evaporators  
•    Slow to react with water and air 
•    Highly resistant to chemical environments such as oxidising and alkaline media, organic acids and compounds, aqueous salt solutions and hot gases 
•    Corrosion resistance holds up in liquid metal, nitric acid, mildly reducing acids and wet chlorine or bromine gas 

While titanium is often considered challenging to machining, recommended methods such as low cutting speeds, heavy feed rates, generous amounts of cutting fluids, sharp tools, rigid setups and proper cooling method enable Grade 2 titanium to be machined easily.   

T.E.A. Transmissions imports Grade 2 titanium rods from 5mm to 25mm and ¼” to 2½” in lengths up to 2 metres.