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Curved Linear Track | Ring & Track Systems | HepcoMotion

Curved Linear Track | Ring & Track Systems | HepcoMotion

PRT2 - The ultimate product for combined circular and linear motion, developed into a highly advanced range of ring systems and segments for a variety of applications across all industries.

DTS - The DTS is a modular driven track system. It can be specified in oval or rectangular shape, with no upper limits on length and width. DTS systems have multiple uses, a popular being to form the basis of an automated production cell.

DTS2 - The DTS2 driven track system has been developed for high-speed applications. The use of a scroll drive allows rapid indexing to be achieved with superior positional accuracy without the risk or carriage disengagement.

HDRT - The HDRT is a range of ring and track systems designed to carry heavy loads, and is used extensively as a transfer system for machine tool and automation applications. With little or no maintenance required, HDRT ring systems are a cost effective alternative to traditional slewing rings.

Large Diameter Ring Guides & Track System - HepcoMotion's large diameter ring guides and track system can be manufactured to any diameter with no upper limit. Rings can be produced to specific requirements and combined with Hepco's range of V Guide bearings or MHD bearing blocks. 

1-Trak System - 1-Trak is a highly innovative track system product which re-writes what is possible with linear and rotary motion. Advanced materials and technologies are used to produce systems to almost any two dimensional shape from one piece of material. 1-Trak will save on assembly time and enables 'curvi' linear applications previously seen as expensive to be achieved, in an easy simply way with one drive.

Building Drives - Door & Wall, Fascade, Umbrella

Building Drives - Door & Wall, Fascade, Umbrella

Ketterer Antrieb provides building drive solutions for sun shading systems used in buildings and open spaces, for doors and walls, as well as for windows, gates, umbrellas and movable partitions.


Mijno High-Precision, Servo-Grade Planetary Gearheads

Mijno High-Precision, Servo-Grade Planetary Gearheads

Don't Compromise, Mijno has products you can trust!

All MIJNO low backlash planetary gearboxes have been designed to provide a minimum of 20,000 hours lifetime in both directions of rotation including 20% of the lifetime in acceleration / deceleration, with the combined maximal radial and axial forces featured in our datasheet. If the gearheads are being used at less than these values, the theoretical (calculated) lifetime increases exponentially, possibly up to hundreds of thousands of hours.

The Winkel Linear System - Linear Bearings - Linear Motion

The Winkel Linear System - Linear Bearings - Linear Motion

WINKEL Combined Bearings feature a radial load bearing with an integrated axial bearing to take axial loads and allow free movent of a construction without complicated bearing configurations. The original WINKEL components, are a part of a construction system which permits simple and cost-saving linear motion designs from 10kg up to 100t made with WINKEL-Bearings, profiles, flange plates and other equipment 

  • Can take up high radial & axial loads
  • Strong profiles for high static & dynamic loads
  • Best dispersion of forces in the profiles
  • Longer lifetime for bearings and profiles
  • Economical assembly by welding bolt option
  • Bearing components are easily exchangeable